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By Karine Petrosyan

Our approach is to offer people choices. We pledge to use the money you send to us in a responsible manner, and we have created a transparent system so you can always know exactly to whom your money is going and what it is being used for. To ensure that your money is going to the right place, you'll receive regular reports from us that detail how your money is spent. You will also always be informed about the family's progress through pictures and detailed e-mails from us and the family members themselves.


We are a very small project of only three people, Harry in the U.S. and Karine in the U. S., and Sona Baluyan in Yerevan. We are doing this without pay, so there is very little overhead. This means that almost all of your money goes directly to the family, with the only costs being money transfer fees, and incidental travel costs in Armenia to visit the families. These costs are very small.

Our Mission

We created Armenia with the hope of reaching more people who are interested in assisting poor families in Armenian villages. Over the last few years, we have developed a system of assistance based on our own experience with the Karapetyan family. We hope that our story of assistance serves as an example for others like you to follow.


When you give assistance in the way we have, you get to assist a family more directly than you can through other organizations, both in terms of your personal connection with that family and in terms of more of your money going to where it is needed. We do not have the overhead and staff that other groups have. Instead, we pledge that at least 95% of your assistance will go directly to families in need. This is about good people doing good things to help good people. We reach out to families that have no other help available. they don't have access to other groups and government programs.


Another unique aspect of our project is that we will work with you so you can choose the family you want to support, and you can choose how exactly you want to help that family.

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