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Donor Comments

We are grateful for the generosity of the following donors. Some have decided to not comment and some comments, at the end of the list are from donors who prefer to remain anonymous. We wholeheartedly thank them all.

If you are a donor and wish to comment, please email your comments Here  and we will be happy to include your name/comments on the list.

If you are not a donor and wish to be one but have questions, please email Harry Nakashian for information.

If you wish to donate now, Click Here.

  • Lynda Benedetto
    "Our family is very happy to help Harry with this great work for kids with real needs. We get photos of them, and we especially enjoy seeing our bicycle making the kids so happy."
  • Scott Chiz
    "I am very pleased that I could help out these kids in a village environment, in a faraway place where help is much needed. I have seen Harry's passion for this so I am very interested to be a part of improving the lives of those who are so deserving."
  • Sharon & Peter Day
    No comment.
  • Sirley Elizabeth
    "Harry, i have some words for the armenian children, so i will be happy that i am with such good company. here is: I was able to do an event in my city of Buenos Aires that could help my friend Harry with his work. it was a natural idea that i bring all my friends together and we have such a great day and raise funds for the children of the village. I think this idea the way people help others is the best way that the world gets better."
  • Susan Ferdowsali
    "I have known Harry for over 25 years and because we share the same values, I was very interested to help these kids in Armenia. If you look through the photo albums, it is immediately apparent how happy they are."
  • Lisa Fitch
    "I am warmed to see Harry's "adopted family" wearing my daughters clothes. My goal in helping these families with donations is to teach my privileged teenager what it feels like to give and also to really appreciate what we have, and not take it for granted.. i.e. clean running water, a hot shower, a roof over our heads, etc. Harry, you are an Angel!!!"
  • Sophia Fitch
    "I am very happy to send nice things to the kids in Armenia, and to know that they mean a lot because they have so little over there. I also want to go there someday and meet all the people that Harry knows and helps."
  • Megan Fuller
    "I have known Harry for a very long time, back to the days when he was coaching runners in Berkeley, and I am not surprised at all he would end up doing something like this, because he was always this way. To be able to help kids directly is something I always wanted to do, and to do it for Harry is very special for me. Now my dream is to go to Armenia some day and meet all these kids."
  • Elaine G.
    "I believe in this kind of help as it is direct and reaches kids who have no other access to assistance. It is nice to know exactly the positive impact I can have on a child's life, especially in such a remote area."
  • Darcy Gibson
    “I am so grateful that I was fortunate enough to travel to Armenia and meet so many wonderful people. Even in the face of adversity, they don smiles and have delightful dispositions; we could learn a thing or two of the meaning of life from them…This I am sure of." I can’t wait to go back.”
  • Jonathan Gibson
    No comment.
  • Varujan Keskinyan
    "I do not know how and where should I begin to send this comment, because I feel so deeply respect what you do for those wonderful kids and their carers in Armenia.. You are such person who should be nominated as a hero, because not many people do what you do for especially those so called Ice Cream Kids.. Aren't they so wonderful?? In the same time, I also should mention another very special, a wonderful, a real nice and helpful , hard worker person, Karine Petrosyan.. Isn't she a good luck for us to meet?? I met her through a friendship site and we become a real friend, a sister and brother.. She is a real value for our Nation, as well. We need lots of people like her , she is one of the best person I have ever meet in my life..Good on you Karine!! During our communications, she once mentioned me about Nakashian Foundastion and I have interested in to be a sponsor and that is the way I started to be the sponsor of Aram and Ani Saroyan.. I wish I could sponsor many others.. I wish People around the world could sponsor our wonderful kids.. They are our nation's future.. In 2005, first time I visited Hayasdan, and Karabagh with a small group from Sydney. We visited a Orphan in Karabagh and we saw those lovely kids. From then, I always wanted to be a sponsor for one kid, after nearly three years I now sponsor two.. I would like to see lots of our people come to the party!! I don't know who named those kids as so called Ice Cream Kids, I think should be congratulated , because they are even sweeter than Ice Cream.. At the present time, Aram is getting his Painting lessons and Ani is getting her piano lessons and they both are doing well. I will try to do my best to support them as much as I can and I also would like to see other sponsors for lots of other kids, they need us and we should do our best for them, because they are our future!! Thank you once again for your wonderful and "Hianali" work.. You are great!!"
  • Ari Konyalian
    “As an Armenian living in the diaspora, I've been exposed to and involved in a number of Armenian schools, churches, and social organizations within the States. That said, this is the only avenue I have found to help fellow Armenians in Armenia knowing who and how we can impact specific people's lives…and learn how they are living and how we can help them. In my case, I'm more than willing to take advantage of Mr. Nakashian’s personal relationships to help however I can.”
  • Tatiana Mardirosian
    "I have known Harry since 1979, but fell out of touch with him in 1986. Lifetimes later I wanted to look him up to tell him what a stellar person he is and how much he positively impacted my life, setting a standard of kindness, generosity and adventure. When my search connected me to his organization "Armenia Assist," I couldn't sign up fast enough. Only Harry would find his way to these small villages in remote places, and devote himself to helping these people that badly need it and would otherwise not receive it. While my initial interest was in supporting Harry, I was surprised at the profound gratification I got from reaching out to these people. Harry and Sona gave me options for my support, and 100% of the money was given to my choices, all succinctly outlined and accounted for. The photos spoke volumes on the positive impact this small gesture was making in their lives, and it has made me truly happy. I have worked for many years as a NYC psychiatric social worker in hospitals, treatment centers, residences, nursing homes, shelters, school programs and more, and have constantly battled the frustrations over obstacles to efficient care, primarily how limited resources are used. Contributing to Armenia Assist was immeasurably gratifying in it's pure, direct and immediate assistance. I am grateful to Harry and Sona for making it so easy to feel so good!"
  • Tom Neuburger
    "The good work noted on this web page is a small very part of the charity Mr. Nakashian has brought to Armenia. Harry has paid for medical treatments, assisted in education, helped people find jobs and has performed countless selfless acts to bring joy to the lives of those he meets. I am proud to attest that all contributions, 100%, go directly to the Armenian people but I am especially proud to call Harry my friend."
  • Chuck & Shirley Ofria
    "Harry Nakashian has been running and traveling all his life. He told me once his mother use to call him 'hurricane Harry' because he was always in motion. Now he runs with his passion and travels to Armenia to help poor families in the remote villages there. It is our pleasure to help in any way we can."
  • Misak and Souzi Pirinjian
    "We are an Armenian family living in California. We are extremely grateful to Harry for facilitating support to families living in villages in Armenia. Since meeting Harry, my husband has not stopped talking about his desire to go back to and visit the villages with Harry. We are thrilled to be a small part of Harry’s astronomical efforts. It is also reassuring to know that Harry’s efforts promote sustainable living for the wonderful village people in remote areas of Armenia. Thank you Harry for all your hard work!"
  • Mariella Posteraro
    "I am Mariella from Milano Italy and Harry is my special friend. I went to Armenia with Harry and I was happy to meet these wonderful people and help many kids in different villages. I could see that Harry has made a big difference in their lives, and we are planning our next trip already. Wonderful people."
  • Peggy & Evelyn Ridge
    "After talking to Harry about his work, I asked him to connect me with someone in Armenia who needed help. He knew immediately of a family, and sent me photos and information about Arpenik and her two girls. He showed me how to send them money via MoneyGram, and I have done so several times. I have gotten so much joy from helping this family. My daughter and I also put together two boxes of clothing, gifts and household items, with help from my co-workers, and Harry and Karine facilitated shipping them to Armenia. Harry's Armenian friend took the boxes to the village, and took photos of Arpenik and the girls opening the gifts, showing off the clothing, and so forth. It has been so much fun, and I love knowing just how my contributions will help. For example, once I sent money specifically for Arpenik to buy school clothing for the girls. I am so grateful to Harry for giving me this opportunity."
  • Melanie S.
    "Harry, I hope the kids like my gifts, please tell them they have a friend in Argentina. It is my pleasure to help you."
  • David & Ezra Schlesinger
    No comment.
  • Lindsay Talbot
    "I met Harry through one of his many generous acts involving the Rolling Stones. I remember sitting in Peet's coffee sharing pictures, further hopes of travel, and a commitment to social justice and activism. Harry once expressed to me after a trip to Armenia that in the hotel the girls loved the fabric and design of the comforters and were holding them up like elegant dresses. It immediately made me think of the prom dresses my sister and I wore in high school. The girls look truly beautiful in the dresses!"
  • Charles Tawa MD
    "I am more than happy to help sponsor an Armenian girl so that she could learn English. I have seen and heard a video of her speaking and I am very impressed. This new language skill can open doors for her in Armenia, and so this is a life changing deed that I am proud to be a part of." "I was very impressed to see the progress of the student I helped in Armenia. I have seen a video of this girl speaking english fluently, and am happy to continue this help."
  • Julie Taylor
    "It is amazing to me how little it takes to make a difference. Literally, for the price of a pizza you can change someone's life. The inability to make grand donations and bold maneuvers, from our point of view, can limit our taking action. However, small gifts have a great impact and a multiplying effect on those who receive them and for those who give."
  • Karen Vartanian
    No comment.
  • Carol Wright
    "I had the pleasure of working with Harry at the Intersong Music Group in New York some years ago. We often talked about our love of travel, and to learn that Harry has added this wonderful project to his life is very inspirational, this is how lives are forever changed, and I am pleased to be a part of it."
  • Anonymous Donors
    "I have known Harry for over 30 years. We have run thousands of miles together, sometimes in races for a cause, and now I am pleased to connect on another path that helps children who are in great need. Great work!" "The Armenian people have suffered a long and hard history, and the ones I have met here in New York have been exceptional people. I am very happy to help Harry, and to help all these kids who have no one looking after their needs, and to offer them a chance for a better life." "Harry, for me to help you this way is the best thing I can do, my little bit to help this world, and the comfort of knowing your work really makes a difference."

Listed alphabetically by last name.

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